Policies & Procedures


At Breakwater, we stand behind the way we run our business. Oftentimes, we exceed our competitors in safe work policies and procedures. But, still, we always want to make sure our guidelines are congruent with those outlined by our customers. One of the tools used to accomplish alignment is safety standards is the use of ISNetworld RAVS, PEC/Premier and SafeLandUSA. ISNetworld is a third-party service that allows us, and our prospective customers, to make sure all necessary internal and external regulatory requirements are fulfilled before moving forward. With SafeLandUSA's well-established safety compliance processes, you can always be confident that Breakwater is the right team for the job.



No matter the type of project, Breakwater's dedication to employee safety means evaluating previous situations, considering new information and making management decisions that keep workers out of harm's way. Through a series of safeguards, Breakwater is able to ensure that if there's a better, more responsible way to conduct daily operations, we'll find it. Here are just a few ways we look forward to superior safety in the field:

  • Jobs Safety Analysis (JSA) Program
  • Behavioral-Based Safety (BBS) Program
  • Near-Miss Reporting System
  • Accident Reporting System