About Breakwater Energy Services

about-breakwaterWith over 60 years of combined water management experience, one hundred miles of no leak lay flat hose and the succesful installation of six million linear feet of water management systems, Breakwater is positioned to provide its customers market leading service quality in the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin service areas.

Breakwater's experienced management team has been providing water management solutions to customers across the United States since 1994 including large-scale sewer rehabilitation projects, wastewater treatments plants and related services for major municipalities.


"Since entering the oil and gas industry, we have continued our tradition of excellence in all facets of our business and remain committed to providing our customers with service quality that is among the highest level available in the oil and gas industry."

-Richard Kinsel- Managing Partner (Founder of Kinsel Industries).


Since entering the oil and gas industry, Breakwater's management team has continued its tradition of excellence through all phases of its business. Many factors contribute to Breakwater's ability to consistently satisfy customer demands including:

  • The Right Combination of People and Equipment - Breakwater Matches the right people and equipment to efficiently handle any size and type of job.
  • Technical Expertise - Breakwater's engineered solutions effectively reduce client's downtime and create operational efficiencies.
  • A Commitment to HSE - Breakwater's commitment to HSE is uncompromising and is evident through all levels of its organization.